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  Being charged with a criminal offense can be a frightening experience. Contacting a local criminal lawyer is the first step to ensure your rights and freedom are protected. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Suffolk or Nassau County, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who devotes his practice to those accused of crimes. Richard B. Stafford is that lawyer. Mr. Stafford is an aggressive, respected and diligent criminal attorney who will fight hard for your rights and defend your good name.

Richard B. Stafford is an experienced attorney with years of trial experience. He served as both an Assistant District Attorney and a Defense Attorney and has represented hundreds of clients facing serious criminal charges. Mr. Stafford has had the unique advantage of learning how the Government builds a case against you and how Assistant District Attorneys are trained to evaluate and try cases. Mr. Stafford uses his knowledge and experience to find weaknesses in the Government's case and uses those weaknesses to your advantage. With well over a decade of experience as a criminal lawyer, you can be certain that you are in the right hands. Mr. Stafford is passionate about fighting for his clients rights which shows in his tireless efforts to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Being accused of a crime doesn't mean you are guilty. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty. That burden lies with the District Attorney and never shifts to you. The Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed that crime. Do not let the police or the prosecutor intimidate you into accepting an unfavorable plea bargain. Their job is to get you convicted on the strength of any evidence they have, whether or not it is actually sufficient to prove your guilt. No matter how bad the situation may appear, you have options. You may not only be able to get a better plea bargain, you may be able to avoid conviction altogether. By retaining Richard B. Stafford as soon as possible, you can dramatically improve your chances of a successful outcome. Mr. Stafford knows how to fight for your rights and will use his extensive expertise to do so.

When you hire Richard B. Stafford, he will be with you every step of the way - both in court and out of court. If you're facing criminal charges, you need a lawyer who is an experienced criminal defense attorney. You need Richard B. Stafford the aggressive, dedicated, and intelligent choice.
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